As a child I had brought home all ownerless doggies, which "immediately needed my help". Unfortunately, my parents weren't so enthusiastic about having a few pets living with us on the 8th floor (adults never understand anything). Being a young person as a student (almost independent and self-reliant) I’d decided together with the roommate (my cousin) on adopting the doggy from the shelter. Of course that decision was spontaneous and not entirely thought over. We thought, that somehow it will be, and it was… The name of our she dog was Karia and finally she stayed with me. She accompanied me at all my life turns. Few year later, one competitor showed up, and seriously undermined the position of the dog in the herd. After that one stranger came another, small and noisy, and everything has changed. Unfortunately, our life changed tremendously. We had to leave the country for few years, and Kiara had to live with our parents. At that time I’ve decided to not make any more spontaneous decisions, which in consequences might hurt anyone. And I hold on in that decision for seven years. After those years I’ve persuaded my husband to buy a new doggie. Since we had have our children already a little bit brought up and we were searching for the house in the country and certainly soon we would move there, so the doggie would be an adult and brought up before the consequential task of guarding the premises will appear. So, with the feminine trick, I managed to convince my husband, to make the less sensible step of purchasing the dog in the type of the Alsatian (long-haired) which was supposed to be the illusion to resemble already Karia. It was a next she dog and she grew into the charming dog, but finally we moved to the village house when she was a year old. Until then she gave us a rough time. I have to say, she looked like Karia, but her character was much more independent. She was like fireball – she did what she wanted, when she wanted and how she wanted. And – by the way – she did not give us the feeling that she needs us for anything. We felt extremely glad when she finally had her own path to play around our country house. That dog gave us quite a lot for thinking about choice of the dog breed, which would fulfill our expectations. In that moment of my life those expectations were already a little bit different than in the childhood.

We have decided to buy another dog. That time my husband made the decision about the breed. So there was no other choice as the Rottweiler as the defensive breed. We needed the dog able to provide us the sense of security. It was a 2002 and at that time Rottweilers became famous as aggressive, dangerous dogs. I have to admit, I had some doubts about our choice, there were children at home… Andra joined us as a six-month old doggy. I bought her for my husband as the birthday present. So far he claims that this is the most wonderful birthday present he ever got in his life.

     When I went to pick her up, she enthralled me together with her mother. Frajda from Dywit (Andra’s mum) came up to me, licked my hand and calmly walked away, Anda did exactly the same. I was fascinated, after the experience with our Zeta, which was constantly jumping, and squealing with excitement at every entering home person. That was the peace and stability for which I searched in the dog. Andra quickly aroused our passion. We are proud of her. She is arousing the respect (what in the case of living out of the city is an important advantage), but in fact she is considerably acting as the family dog. The idea to expose Andra to dog’s shows came to as we’ve started to feel a desire to give her wonderful character to offspring. We had the sad consciousness, that one day Andra will be gone and we wanted that way to make a part of her stay with us forever… to make our plan working we had to fulfill all requirements specified by the Polish Kennel Club for bred dogs. And at this very moment our adventure with kynology and all that professional dog’s world started. Even though we don't have an opportunity to expose Andra on every dog show which we would want, the dog show has the unique meaning for us. It also gives us the opportunity to familiarize us better with the standard of the breed, to get to know other enthusiasts and to develop our knowledge related to the care of our favorites. Since then I've started to improve and increase my knowledge on the dog's breeds, their origin and the purpose. Finally in the age of 4.5, Andra gave birth to it first litter in July 2006. Unfortunately only one puppy survived, from two given birth,. It was a boy - named Antonio. Obviously, Our attitude to that puppy was and still is very emotional.


  When Antonio was still a puppy, a puppy-girl named Koka (Calipso Mumuru) Great Swiss Mountain Dog, joined our family. My friends, who live in Austria, have attracted my attention to this breed. I had no clue about this breed, when I had been asked to look for the information in the Internet concerning the purpose, the personality and the great appearance of the Swiss dog. When I read about the gentle temperament, the considerable size and the average drive to the domination, I recognised that it was a perfect mate for our family, since we had already two she-dogs who like to fight for the domination

It was very fortunate that Koka arrived to us exactly in that time. Antonio was an only child, what makes the appropriate socialization and the development of the puppy more diffcult. Koka was a substitute of sister for him. She was bigger than he but she was also amazingly delicate.

Also Andra quickly accepted Koka, treating her as the own child.

"Kennel"- this is a big word. The breeder very well knows a lot on genetics, he knows how to select partners for hiding, in order to pass appropriate genes over, he knows almost all outstanding representatives of the breed, knows which one from puppies is prognosticating to be the best one and at what purposes. I am trying with all possible efforts to grasp this knowledge and immodestly I will admit, that I'm getting better and better in that;). I am reading a lot, I am seeking advice and I am listening if somebody experienced have something valuable to tell me. I' also sharing the acquired knowledge with pleasure, therefore I am cordially inviting everyone for visiting our kennel, where everyone can take a closer look at representatives of both races and to talk about dogs:).

If you have reached this point, I thank you for your determination;). Magdalena Miłoszewska-Ścisłek

Magdalena Miłoszewska-Ścisłek