We have puppies! :)

 "H" Litter was born on Easter Monday - 22/04/2019.
Mother is Flora Caveat Actor, dad is a beautiful, growing young dog from the champion line, imported from Czech Republic BLUE MARVEL Our Champions.

Six boys and one girl were born.
Pedigree of the "H" litter and first pictures.

All interested in acquisition of GSMD are welcome
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I strongly encourage all thinking about completing their lives and families with and addition of a dog to consider different breeds, visit several breeders not limiting themselves to the closest geographical neighbourhood. It’s well worth the wait to get the right dog of right breed as it means commitment for next 10 years at least – just like in case of Greater Swiss ! All and every puppy born in my kennel are carefully cared for from their first hours of life until moment they leave for new homes. To prevent any infections and/or potential of any undesirable influence puppies remain with their dam and family members only – no visitors, no excursions. In 4 th week of life new experiences are gradually introduced – other dogs living in the house, other pets and humans. Week number 5 sees puppies to venture outside, weather permitting, and enjoy plays and walks around the house
grounds. From that moment on, every day they meet new challenges, familiarize themselves with different sounds, smell and sights, different surfaces and play with doggie playthings (tunnels, toys etc.).

Every day I spend many hours watching him or her and interacting with each individual puppy. Afer 7 th week litter is formally inspected and vetted by local ZKWP (Polish National Kennel Club) official for health, appearance and conformation with breed standard. All puppies receive certificates enabling for later issuance of pedigrees at their local ZKWP office where they will reside permanently.
In my kennel we practice “early vaccinations” in order to protect puppies as early as possible from common infectious diseases thus providing ninterrupted immunity from birth to moment being moved to their new homes. This is very important to keep them safe and thus allow for proper development of social skills in young puppy as period between early puppyhood to about 18 th week of life. These short few weeks open window to learning appropriate behaviours and reactions which is closed forever if young puppy is forced to spend them isolated from outside world due to risk of contracting a disease.
It’s time for teaching your young dog how to live life with you and your family – I insist that you understand this time as a foundation of its future socialization and training and making it well adjusted, cooperative and happy animal soul in the future.
I am deeply convinced how crucial is matching particular puppy with its future family. The only way to assure mutual satisfaction is total honesty: I sincerely invite all potential GSMD owners to list of all their expectations from dog they are looking for. This will help enormously to pick right puppy for you because they might look very much alike but their personalities show differences often hard to discern to inexperienced eye. I find it paramount to match each puppy to each family as best as possible.
I feel wholly responsible for every life coming to existence under my care and expect the same from puppies’ forever homes. I invite and encourage all new GSMD owners to contact me in all cases – worries, problems, concerns as well as joys, success and simply to talk about their pooches. I trusted their lives with you and will always be there for them – and you. Please share – the good, the bad and the hairy. I would be more than happy to know how they grow, when and if they get sick and how can I help if need be. I expect to be informed about their health and development – not only because I care for them. All that data will also benefit my future breeding and breeding programmes ofother kennels. Together, for the love of the breed and dogs in general, we owe it to them to make them happier, healthier and loved – it’s only what they deserve.